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Hey there, Legal Tea Listeners!

Hosted by Indiana Estate & Elder Law Attorney, Jenny Rozelle, Legal Tea is a podcast for those interested in learning about estate law, estate planning, and elder law - but in an entertaining way. I promise.

This podcast could be episode-after-episode of boring legalese, but that would probably gain about 3 listeners - me, my Mom, and maybe a random stranger that stumbled upon it (and even they would stop listening 2 minutes into the show). Spewing legalese is not how I roll. My mantra for Legal Tea? Less legalese, more fun. 


Legal Tea was born to educate its listeners, so that when it is time to #DoYourEstatePlan, you're better-informed consumers. PS - No better time than the present to #DoYourEstatePlan!

Legal Tea rotates between three topics:

  1. Estate Planning (Mistakes) of the Rich and the Famous

  2. Cautionary Tales: Real Clients of Jenny & What Happened

  3. Current Trends/Hot Topics

Tune in for a new episode weekly - published on Tuesdays!

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