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Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Celebrating the Milestone of Episode #100!

Hey there, Legal Tea Listeners –This is your host, Jenny Rozelle, and you’ve heard me start ONE HUNDRED episodes with that beginning, my friends! I can’t believe we are here. Like I shared in my last episode, this podcast requires a lot of time to research, prepare, record, and schedule episodes – but I enjoy diving into topics that I would not likely otherwise dive into because it honestly keeps me better-informed and likely a better attorney for my firm and clients. Not to mention, I’ll share wonky stories with clients in the conference room and they’ll often say, “Oh my goodness – you should write a book!” to which I always says, “I don’t have that kind of patience to sit down and do that! I’m better at talking and blabbing!”

So, here I am and here we are….!

This will be a short episode because I’m not doing anything substantive or anything … so no celebrity estate planning, current trends, or cautionary tales. Instead, today I wanted to “look back” and “look forward” AND “celebrate this moment/episode” too. So let’s do those one by one:

Looking Back

Reflecting on the past, I think it’s fair to start with “how” this podcast was born. I remember during the COVID pandemic that I had the thought, the idea of starting a podcast. It was, sort of, on my mind, but I had never vocalized it honestly. I didn’t know where to start and heck, I didn’t even know literally how to get the thing created. Like, where do I record … like on website … how the heck do you get it to show up on every platform … etc. So, during COVID, I vocalized wanting to do it and I started mapping out a plan on how to get it off the ground and when it was off the ground, what I would want to blab about. One of the first things I did was talked to a friend, Cara, who did a podcast on her caregiving journey called Hidden Patient. She’s a longtime and great friend of mine, and she even helps with my law firm’s marketing efforts then and now.

Anyway, so I reached out and she’s a fabulous resource for … like everything … I’m not even kidding … but she basically gave me step-by-step directions on how to get it off the ground. So thankful for that direction and guidance because without it, it wouldn’t taken a lot longer to get rocking and rolling. So the idea was born during 2020, then I did all the initial hard work to get it off the ground – and the very first episode dropped in mid-2021. Since then, we’ve talked about A LOT of different things and oh my goodness, I hope all my Legal Tea Listeners have picked up a few nuggets here and there from my episodes! Which takes me to the next point of…

Looking Forward

So, where do we go from here, my friends? Well, first, I think I’d like to say if anyone ever has any feedback, you are absolutely welcome to reach out and give it to me – on social channels or via email at For social channels, I’m most active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – and a cheap plug, I welcome to connect with my personally on Twitter at @JennyRozelle because I’m constantly dropping little nuggets daily (actually multiple times a day) on all things estate/elder law AND things personally … like my husband and I have cows, so occasionally you’ll get a cow picture, especially if we have a calf born. That’s always post-worthy!

Anyway, so there have been times where I’ve felt the stress of putting out a weekly podcast. As I’ve mentioned today and before, it’s a lot of work – I enjoy it, but I don’t like the busy behind the scenes work. For that, I’ve considered ramping it down and doing an episode every other week or monthly just to lessen the commitment, but I’m NOT there yet – I’m still okay; I still enjoy it; and I’m still going to rock and roll at the weekly episode, but know that if I ever come to you all and say, “Hey Legal Tea Listeners, ya’ll are killing me with the time commitment of this podcast” – either we’ll need to agree to lessen the frequency or hiring me a podcast assistant, which to do that, I kind of need to generate money off the podcast, soooo… maybe someone can sponsor the show or episode to make it an income-producing thing! That would be kind of cool, right?

So, hear me loud and clear – I’m not scaling back; I just wanted to be transparent and share that it has been on my mind before, but it’s only when I don’t stay working ahead on episodes and then I get myself in a pinch where I have to crank out an episode on a weekend … and friends, I don’t like to “work” on weekends! My firm, Indiana Estate & Elder Law, continues to grow and get busier and busier, which is great – but when it gets busier and busier, the firm takes more and more time and energy, so just bear with me as I navigate the firm’s growth and keep this podcast in an awesome place. So speaking of being in an awesome place … let’s talk about…

Celebrating this 100th Episode!

Starting today, June 13th, until next Tuesday, June 20th, I will put every single follower I have on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into a basket and draw and name – and whoever gets drawn will get a $50 gift card of your choice (you tell me what store, restaurant, whatever and Legal Tea will get it for you!) So, stay tuned for after June 20th for announcement of the winner – so between now and then, be sure to start following Legal Tea Podcast on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – because that’s the only way you’re going to be eligible to win is if you’re a CURRENT follower as of the time of drawing! And if you can’t find the page on any of those social channels, well email me ( and I’ll get you squared away!

Okay, my friends – thanks for tuning into the last 100 episodes. I don’t really care about the number of listens I get on the podcast or episode – that’s not WHY I do it; I do it to hopefully spread a little awareness of estate planning and elder law – because maybe, just maybe, someone will learn something on here and rather than do something “bad” (that could cost them lots of money), they say, “Hey I heard about XYZ on Legal Tea and I should probably ask a professional about this” and do the right way – and save lots of money. I hope that this podcast is valuable for you; it’s valuable for me because, like I said, earlier it helps me stay on top of things, which makes me a better attorney and honestly, a better human.

Thanks again for everything, friends. I’ll be in your ear next Tuesday with a “normal” episode – and before I dive in, I’ll announce who the winner, winner chicken dinner is for the $50 gift card! Alrighty, toodle-loo for now!

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