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TRAILER - Episode 1

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Welcome, welcome! This is your host, Jenny Rozelle. I’m honored to have you here for this premiere episode of Legal Tea! A little about me … the person behind the voice…

Professionally-speaking, I am a practicing attorney in the great state of Indiana – practicing in the fields of estate and elder law. Personally-speaking, I am married to my wonderful husband, Justin, and we have 2 Basset Hounds named Floyd and Mildred. We recently moved out to the country … and while working from home (my desk sits next to a window that looks out a field), one day I was gazing out the window and looking out at the field. I realized I didn’t have any cool, fun projects going on – hence when Legal Tea was born!

So, what is Legal Tea? It is a podcast that will be SPILLING THE TEA on all things estate planning, estate law, and elder law – my goal is to promote awareness and spread solid information to my listeners, so they can be better-informed consumers when it’s time do #DoYourEstatePlan. A new episode will be released WEEKLY – it will be released on Tuesdays beginning Tuesday, July 13th.

How’s this going to look and work? We are going to have a “rotation” of topics – keeps the tea from gettin’ cold! The rotation of topics … there are three of them:

1. Estate Planning of the Rich and Famous! Some good examples, some bad examples ... The first few will be Prince, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson – maybe some names you have heard of!

2. Cautionary Tales – Learn from real-life people, real-life facts, and real-life cases … you know, NOT celebrities – people like you and me! These will be cases I, myself, have worked on.

3. Current Trends/Hot Topics – These will be something "current" that I may see/stumble upon, but is pertinent to my little estate/elder law world. The first “Hot Topic” episode will be on Britney Spears’ conservatorship – what in the world is it and how did we get to this point?!

Tune in for the first episode of Legal Tea on Tuesday, July 13th on "Estate Planning of the Rich and Famous“ - specifically on Prince! Take care and talk then!

(No sources for Episode 1.)

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